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HP Media Smart Server BIOS and HD Drive Size


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Hi All.


Did anyone ever come up with a BIOS update for the HP Media Smart servers that let them take advantage of drive sizes larger then 2TB? The drive size limitation was the main reason I quit using my HP-EX495. I'd consider modifying and firing it back up if I could put 12TB drives in it :) 


One of the nicest looking servers I've ever had. And it was quiet. Noise is the main reason I quit using my HP-ML10.



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2TB is the limit for a boot partition on a device which starts up using BIOS ...

… other disks and partitions can be >2TB … on Windows at least using the GPT partition type.

For example I have HP Microservers running Windows 10 Pro (boot using BIOS) with:

- boot partition of c64GB on Disk0

- 2TB less 64GB as Data1 partition on Disk0

- 8TB disks as Data2, Data3, … on Disk 1, Disk2, ...

- 8TB external USB disks as Data5, Data6, ...


I would expect the same behaviour for your media server since the OS is basically a derivative of a Windows Server OS (2008?).


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