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Windows Server 2019 high CPU usage @ idle


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I have an X3421 Gen10 Microserver w/ stock 8GB RAM running Windows Server 2019 Eval.  I did the standard install, then added HyperV and container support.  This isn't part of a domain - nothing is set up beyond the initial install and normal Windows updates.  The boot disk is an MX500 SSD attached to SATA5 with 2 4TB 3.5" drives in the cage.


I was seeing ~20% CPU utilization for the SYSTEM process and ~22% for SYSTEM INTERRUPTS.  I tracked that down to the vEthernet device.  When I uninstalled HyperV and removed the vEthernet device it dropped down to ~12.5% CPU for SYSTEM and ~2.5% CPU for SYSTEM INTERRUPTS.  Note that this is looking at the task manager performance tab.  If I right click on SYSTEM and select Go To Details it shows SYSTEM taking about 6% CPU and SYSTEM INTERRUPTS taking about 2%.  I don't know what causes this discrepancy.


Running LatencyMon (for about a 30 second run) shows

Highest measused time: 343

Highest reported ISR time: 33.8 (storport.sys)

Highest reported DPC time: 212.3 (ndis.sys)

Total hard page fault: 26


I'm not sure how to track down the source of the SYSTEM process CPU usage.  I don't see anything unusual in the event logs.


Truthfully I'm more concerned about the SYSTEM CPU usage, but both seem high to me for a server that is basically just sitting there.  Is there something strange going on or is this just the cost of running Server 2019 on a relatively low performance CPU?  This server is replacing Home Server 2011 on a MediaSmart EX495 and idle CPU on that was about 3-5%.


I have installed bios ZA10A360, chipset driver WS2012R2_W8_1, AMD Chipset Graphic Driver 17.1.1, and the Broadcom NX1 driver (cp031155) - all from the HP site.  Not sure what else to try.


Is this normal for Server 2019 with no load?


Thanks in advance for any advice,


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Just in case anyone has this problem, the solution was to install the latest Broadcom drivers - I used this


and I am now down to around 2-3% cpu at idle.


No idea why the Broadcom NX1 driver (cp031155) from the hpe site had such high cpu.



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