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HP Proliant Microserver Gen 10 Initial Set Up


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Hi there,


Fist post and first ever server so go easy folks.


I have recently purchased a Gen10 together with Winserv 2016 Essentials. Its intended to connected three pcs together to access files etc from any one of these three pcs however its not going too well so far and as I have been considering going into my tool box for a hammer I felt it might be the time to shout help! For the time being if I can get just one PC to connect it will be a milestone and if I can get one working I will be able to get the other two on board.


So, I have a Gen10. Within the server I have installed a single 1tb HDD. I have set the BIOS to run in Legacy mode and not RAID as I do not have a second HDD. Then installed Windows Server 2016 Essentials. I have got the server connected to the internet via an ethernet cable. Next I have created user accounts for three others within Winserv. Now the fun begins.....


I have been trying for now just to get one PC connected to the server. I open a browser and browse to the server. I am then prompted to download and run the connection software. After installing I try to log into the server from that PC and its just hanging and going nowhere. I am at this point well and truly stuck. If anyone can nurse me through this I would be so grateful.


FYI the PC I am trying to connect to the server is running Winows 10 Pro.


Many thanks, Chris

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Thanks for the reply Schoondoggy.


To be honest, ive looked at so many microsoft support docs now my vision has become blurred. It doesnt help that this is all 100% new territory for me and a lot of the language and terminology goes completely over my head.


The only two things I can tell you from your post is that the PC I am trying to connect has never been connected to this or any server previously. Also, unless winserv sets up a domain I doubt I am running one because I havent knowingly created one.

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Have you worked with Windows Server in the past? Instead of loading the connector, have you tried mapping a network share on the server to the PC?

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Never worked on any server in the past period. Although I consider myself fairly useful when it comes to basic PC's servers are an entirely new discipline for me. Not tried mapping a network share, not even heard of this, sorry.

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Looking back at your initial post, if you are looking at sharing files between PCs you wouldn't need a server to do that, you could just setup a peer to peer network. Are all of the PCs Windows based? With a server you would have a location to backup data from the PCs. Are there other things you are looking at doing with the server?

Windows Server is a big learning curve. It will require a good deal of education and trial and error. I would look at some of these resources:

Udemy classes are quite good and this one is heavily discounts, $200 down to $13:


Microsoft has tons of free documentation:



I hate to ask, but how much time and effort do you want to invest in learning Windows Server 2016?

Depending on what you want to do, Synology or QNAP can be an easier learning curve. Keeping the MS Gen10, you could look at FreeNAS, OMV or UnRAID as easier to learn OS. 



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