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Wyze Sense Starter Kit installed in my Garage

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Nice. Thanks for reviewing the Sense for us. Mine is still in the mail so it helps to use this time to find out how others are using their's. 


By the way, the compatibility is not limited to the Cam v2 and Pan, as per this article, it will also work on the Cam v1. This is great, as no one is left behind.

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Awesome, thanks for that info. I thought I heard otherwise.  I'll put a note in the YT video.

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Wyze Sense can now trigger Alexa Routines. This opens up a new world of use cases for integrating Wyze Sense products with your smart home devices.


Previously, 3rd party integration was done through IFTTT and although it worked, it can get cumbersome to set up. Like, if you want to do three things when a Wyze sensor is tripped, you'll need to make three IFTTT "recipes". With the Alexa integration, a single trigger (from say, a Wyze motion sensor), can be made to do several other things at the same time in just one Routine.


I have a couple of motion sensors that, when tripped, turns on a smart bulb by the hallway with Alexa announcing which sensor got tripped, twice. The smart light turns off after 30 seconds. 





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