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    • phillai
      By phillai
      I was about to buy 4 x 8TB WD Red's (for my HP MicroServer Gen 8) when my friend asked me to double check if my HP Smart Array P222 Controller can actually support this...
      Does anyone know the answer for me please?
    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      $169.99 WD VR 10k WD1000DHTZ - Newegg ShellShocker Limited Deal
      Nice 1TB drive with Stats like: Performance Tests WD1000DHTZ VelociRaptor
    • diehard
      By diehard
      Looks like Western Digital's DX 4000 supports only 3 models of hard drives.

    • diehard
      By diehard
      My backup to the Western Digital DX4000 failed. Since this is a headless server, it's nice to see that the LCD shows the warning. It hasn't cleared off the LCD, which is good, because you always have that message staring you in the face to fix it.
      Hopefully it will when the backup is fixed.
    • diehard
      By diehard
      Hi Guys,
      I'll be updating this post as things change.
      As a Microsoft Windows Home Server MVP, a few months back, I found out from my Microsoft Team Leader that Western Digital would soon be releasing the DX4000 Small Office Storage Server. And that I should contact Western Digital to see if I can get a unit for review. I did. Thanks Western Digital.
      The DX4000 comes with the Windows Storage Server 2008 R2 Essentials software. I'll write a few post on this in the future, so look for that. I'll also tweet when I do and discuss it on future podcasts.
      So, on the the nitty gritty of why I'm writing this post.
      Let me start by saying that if you know me, I like to bang on my server until something breaks, and then figure out how to fix it. This also helps the community just in case you unfortunately find yourself with the same issue.
      So this post is not to say how Western Digital's product is flawed in some way.
      OK, so while putting the screws to this box, I successfully managed to kill it to a point where I was getting a "STORAGE BAD" error on the LCD display. Not fun at all. Repeated reboots didn't resolve this. Things were looking grim. So as the type of guy I am, break first, then read the instructions to find a fix, I turn to the User Manual, http://www.wdc.com/w...4779-705064.pdf
      Ok, so after refering to the pdf and getting a reply from an email to Western Digital ( thanks for that WD), I found out that I messed up the RAID array. Time to rebuild the array.
      How do you do this with a headless box with no access to the BIOS or OS ?
      Since this box is headless, WD allows you to download a full copy of the OS that includes a few options. According to the pdf, you create a bootable USB stick <512 meg and boot off of that. Then you will get some details from the LCD screen as to your progess. It look 7 hours to rebuild the drives, OUCH that took a while. But in the end, of course it worked.
      Then I wanted to reinstall the OS. That involves a similar process to the making the repair RAID USB stick, but you need a 8GB stick because it will hold the OS. ( This is similar to how it's done with the MediaSmart Server but the OS is on the USB stick instead of the PC.)
      So now I'm all up and running fine.
      Now to try and break it with some Add-ins.
      If you have any questions on the Western Digital's DX4000, I'll give support on this box as long as I can until I have to return it.
      Soon to be continued.....

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