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Ahci to raid mode query


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I’m in the process of changing my standard 3.5” drives to ssd, I’m currently set up in ahci mode as I was using the hard drive sleep function for when the drives were not in use.


is it possible to change back to raid mode without loosing the files on the drives, as I won’t need the hard drive sleeping mode any longer once fully changed over.


i realise I would need to reinstall windows again so that’s fine.


also hopefully the fan would drop back down in speed from 9% to 6%, i seem to remember it was running similar to this when I first got the server.


also is the read / write speed the same or similar between ahci and raid mode.



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I have had it work in the past, moving AHCI drives to single drive RAID0. Have a clean backup of your data there is no guarantee that is will work. I would recommend that you move them over one drive at a time.

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