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ML350p Gen8 CPU Upgrade


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I'm building a VM server for home, trying to keep it under $500,

and a tower not rack mount.


I had read a great article about this


using 2 @ E5-2670 processors as they are pretty cheap right now.

The article listed all the parts and when I priced them out came to

about $750.

I then found I could get a ML350p Gen 8 w/E5-2609, 32GB Ram for $305.

CPU upgrades would be about $110, 2 @ 1TB SATA drives $90. So all

about $500.

Then researched the CPU upgrade, it seems I have to be concerned that

the CPU's should come from an HP machine, firmware issues.

As to the drives, they should also be HP drives, again compatibility.


Does anyone have any experience on this, or other issues I may run into?

There is the possibility of getting a ML350p Gen 8 with 2@E5-2660 for $400,

no HD.  Would this be better?


Thanks for help in advance.



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