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Identifying CPU coolers, and part their numbers

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Hi all,


I have two Gen 8 MicroServers.  I think I am getting to a stage where they will be usable soon.  I am using as experimental test servers.  I might even use them as small NAS'es and virtualization hosts (if the other home servers I am building don't work out).


One has an i3, so I assume it has the larger stock cooler.  The other has a Celeron, so I assume it has the smaller stock cooler.


I want to upgrade the CPU's but E3-1265Lv2's are expensive.  The vendor I normally go to has a few but _even he_ said they are poor value for money.  (I'm not sure how much money to sink into these Gen 8's.  Maybe I should sell them an upgrade to Gen 10?  Rhetorical questions only, and food for thought.)


I need to open them up and compare the coolers.  Perhaps I could upgrade the cooler on the Celeron machine and then I would have a far greater range of options for CPU's for each of them..?  I don't know if this is likely to work out well financially.


  • What is the HPE P/N for the larger cooler?
  • If the E3-1265Lv2 is the ideal high end CPU for the regular stock coolers, then what is the ideal quiet CPU for the larger stock coolers?
  • Is the larger cooler with a more powerful CPU likely to be noiser?
  • Are there other (non-stock) coolers that I can use, e.g., Noctua?  Will the machine POST?


Thank you!!  Kind regards,




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Pop the lid off, then look under the drive bays, you'll see if you have the newer heatsink as it also has heatpipes on it...

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The gen 10 is inferior to the Gen 8 in every way so i really wouldnt go that route


The 35W cooler looks like the image below


Best Bang for Buck atm is the 4 Core 4 Thread 3.3Ghz 1220 V2
though my example seems to be a very poor binning as can be seen by the VID for xGhz
which up's the power use but for £30 i took it


The max cpu i would Consider is the 1240 V2


Best CPU after the 1265L V2 i would say is the 1230 V2
It should come binned around the same as my 1240 V2 with 3.5Ghz instead of 3.6Ghz


Total Package Power (Core + Uncore) (Peak Power use worst you will ever see in synthetic apps)


Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1265L v2
42.4W 3.1ghz 0.9907v AVX
39.4W 3.1Ghz 0.9807v Non AVX


Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1220 v2
50.8W 3.3Ghz 1.1609v AVX
44.6W 3.3Ghz 1.1509v Non AVX


Intel® Xeon® Processor E3-1240 v2
55.3W 3.6Ghz 1.0908v AVX
50.3W 3.6Ghz 1.0808v Non AVX


39.4W 3.1Ghz 0.9807v Non AVX is usually around 38.5W in Prime 95
These are unrealistic power scenario's
My highest load App is Handbrake and that 38.5W comes down to around 33W Peak


If you fit a blower cooler like the Sunon Maglev GB1206PTV2-AY 60x60x25mm or Delta BFB0512LD 50x50x20mm
you can goto a 1240 V2 with the stock 35W Cooler


I recommend the Sunon as its the ideal size and has better airflow but harder to find


Go here for info (if you need to look at images in the page you have to edit postimg.org to postimg.cc)


















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