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Malware affecting QNAP NAS's


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still trying to get out from under a situation where my QNAP has been borked


apparently  QNAP NAS'S has been subjected to MALWARE infection




I still have access to my shares but I cant access most of my apps nor update or install anything


QNAP Tech support responded  and is logged into my machine


This happened after I went ahead and installed firmware update  a week ago 


don't know if I can recover or if I would even trust this box without a full reinitialize


fortunately,  I did a full system backup before the firmware upgrade -  so I have that going for me at least


Something is fishy -  QNAP issued 3 firmware updates during March


So those running QNAP NAS's   take heed


and for you Synology users -    smile, but recheck your security processes !!!


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That's not good! I do hope you get a positive outcome but I'd be tempted to wipe the unit and start afresh.


I have a Synology unit myself. With my circumstances, I'm able to leave it restricted to my internal LAN. Every time I hear something like this, I'm kinda glad that I do!

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UPDATE:    The QNAP SUPPORT GUY was great and was logged on for almost an Hour Friday Night


But he couldn't get it fixed -   He told me that he was going to escalate this and get back to me this week.


Wasn't sure that even if were fixed,  I could trust it.


so after verifying that I had good backups,   I reinitialized the NAS and reformated all the data disks


Loading in the backup files now -   


The process wasn't difficult nor did it require a lot of touch time -   but a lot of downtime  ~  8 hours for building the raid and going on 12 hours to load in the data


cant help but think that someone hacked the firmware update -  it happened immediately after I installed one


The biggest challenge in security now and in the future will be moles infiltrating previously trusted spaces
again,  I am not going to install any firmware update that is newer than a month going forward,  My NAS was working fine and the "updates"  didnt add anything of value to warrant the risk.
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