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Dropbox stopping "free" plan - there is no such thing as free lunch


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Dropbox is deprecating  the "free" tier of their storage plans


got an email from them this evening  that "I cannot link any new devices" and the only alternative is to upgrade to a $10/month plan


This is from their forums


"Dropbox device limit

Dropbox Limits Its Free Accounts To Maximum Of Three Devices. Previously, there was no such limit implemented. According to the Dropbox website, as of March, users of its free Basic tier can add their account to a maximum of three devices. However, if they already had the device linked to more than three devices, then they will continue to function.


I don't know how hard and fast this is  -   I tried installing a dropbox instance on my cell phone and couldn't this evening -    I think my main PC


is on the list -   I couldn't find a listing of existing "connected devices"  on my dropbox account.


I don't even know what my other two devices are -   probably long gone  my old windows cell phone for example.



Just as Well -    Dropbox was my main cloud storage about what 10 years ago but with the improvements to OneDrive/Gdrive, and my eventual use of Office 365 storage became kinda moot.   will probably just cancel my account, which is probably what they wanted anyway


what is the old saying  "If you aren't paying for the product, you are the product"    


also   "once bitten twice shy"     Cloud Storage is not a  true  backup  


due to Crashplan's demise,    this winter I backed up all my irreplaceable data  ( family photos, documents)  on   M-Disk archival Blu ray disks.  


I have a copy in my firesafe and at my Brother's house  in another state.   



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Seen this one coming a while back when they started restricting number of devices, we use it at work so we'll no doubt start payig for it, or I'll adjust out Sharepoint/OneDrive to allow external users..

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