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DL360e, what to do with it..


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So, many moons ago I bought a server on a whim, it was late, I may, or may not have been drinking..


DL360e G8 Server

2x E5-2448L's

52Gb RAM

500Gb Crucial SSD



Its got a rack and the rails, 4 NIC's, 4 of the 8 SFF caddies and a single 750w PSU (will take 2 tho), problem is, I dont really have the space, or any need for it..


I was thinking about trying to find a mATX motherboard that'll take the CPU and then use that to replace my i7-3770s server CPU and board, other than that, anyone in the UK need any bits or anyone suggest a board that'll take at least one of the CPU's?

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Yeah I had a look around yesterday after I had posted this, chances of finding a board to put bits in is going to be a struggle...


Wonder if I could find an ATX board that would take both lol..


Thinking it might be staying as it is..

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Yeah they arent cheap though, think it might strip it or sell it as it is, I've managed to find 1 LGA 1356 board but it only has 2 RAM slots so 16Gb tops, so no use as the machine I want to replace already has 32Gb in it...

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