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1 of 2 CPU Cores in AMD Opteron X3216 used?


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First, my specs (briefly):

MicroServer Gen10

AMD Opteron X3216

Win Server 2016



The Taskmanager shows only 1 CPU-core instead of 2.


Solutions tried:

  1. checked msconfig...no CPU-Limit set (tried checking with 2 processors and no change, have it unchecked currently.)
  2. Checked Bios settings; 

SVM Mode - Enabled: Similar to Intel VT-d, AMD EPYC calls it Secure Virtual Machine (SVM)

CPB Mode - Enabled: It's for AMD CPU auto frequency adjustment function.

C6 Mode - Tried both Enabled/Disabled: Means deep down, BIOS will automatically disable CPU core and cache for power saving.



I have attached a photo below that has my server information. It is only in task manager where it is showing the 1 core and 2 threads, everywhere else shows 2 cores, 2 threads.


I have attached another picture Here that shows you what the specs should look like inside of task manager. My biggest concern is it seems that my CPU is constantly very high without any major processes running and I fear I do not have 2 cores running. I ended up having to run a third party firewall because Windows Defender sucked a constant 50% CPU even when no scans were scheduled to run.


Anyone out there with an idea to solve this?


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Update; BIOS has been updated and sfc /scannow ran with no problems.


Issue still persists with only 1 core inside of Task Manager



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