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NEW Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition


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Installed it yesterday and been playing with it. 


For my home environment I probably won't use 90% of it, but the 10% i do use I really like.


Its nice to centrally manage all my backups from one interface.  I don't have to go to each machine and configure each backup independently.


A lot of the interface is confusing though.  I still don't even know how I can select a machine and just click backup now if I wanted.  But I don't do that enough to make it a problem.  If I need I can just connect to the computer and manually run the backup.

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so I am looking at a smaller variant of this, the windows backup agent. I am hoping it will let me actually restore my c drive unlike windows server backup which is emitting a weird error when it tries to find an image. but still it is very complex - do I back up c drive as a volume or as files plus system.... too many choices.


has anyone here actually been able to bmr a server with this stuff? any tips?

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As I've started to incorporate this into my setup as an alternative to Essentials, they show up in the news... I didn't know they were founded by a couple Russians...




I would say allowing only a single backup job in the 'free' tier for windows is a bit chintzy.

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update: with the free windows app, chintzy or not, they seem to have "done it right". I just upgraded my wife from a dell 790 to a dell 1090. to make it seamless for her, I first tried just restoring her old backup with server16 bare metal restore, but it refused to boot. With Veeam I was able to create a boot usb key with the right drivers for the new machine and slipstream her old Veeam backup onto the new machine. As I did that, it showed me the great flexibility it has built in like "please copy the partitioning from the backup instead of using the whole disk" and the ability to unlock a bitlocker protected partition. Then I did a veeam backup from the new machine and used it to restore to the SSD from her old machine.


of course there are always risks with slipping in this way. Photoshop elements went un-authorized but it offered me a 32767 day trial which I accepted :). Office 2010 gave no complaints.


Clever russians indeed!

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