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Software to keep log of CPU load and temp ?


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What software do you use to keep track of your CPU load/temp ?


There's a lot of software that can show the current temp/load, but I'm having a hard time finding some that saves a log so that it is possible to go back days and hours to check out the load/temp.


Right now I use Real temp, but anyone knows other programs that might be good to check out ?

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I use a program called " open hardware monitor" when I need to log Temps and other parameters 


open source and free   I think I mentioned it on this forum years ago but its worth bringing up again




found it after one of my kid complained about their computer locking up randomly


it turned that the computer was overheating and freezing up


they were gaming in the middle of the night when they should have been in bed


the logs don't lie a sysop once told me




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