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Spam Fighting and Upgrades to RESET Forums


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Hey All,


I just changed up the registration option as I have been getting a lot of spammers lately.  I also did some upgrades to the backend and the board itself.  One of their new features was causing a lot of spam activity so I hope I have that under control now!


I had a dark theme last year and it was causing all sorts of issues but I'm looking into that again.  Let me know below if you would be interested in that.  Also, if you have any other wants, needs, ideas, I'll listen as always.

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Trouble with the question you've used, they'll get it right 50% of the time! :D


Use things like...


What word is the first S in SSD?


Acceptable answers would be 





Nothing works 100%, but like I mentioned in that report I sent you, they now breeze straight through that Google captcha nonsense.


Keep up the good fight!

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Yes they do @tedster. I've used Q&A prior as well and they beat that eventually.  I hope its better now though and giving it another go as you have seen with the SSD question.  I found in the past if you ask the question you posed there are a lot of issues.  Giving a multiple choice seems to work better.  I guess it's just the crowd you are dealing with. I'll think of some more questions.

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New rule in place:


Members with less than 10 posts may not place links in posts.  These posts will go to moderation.

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