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I first heard of WHS on a Podcast so I dug deeper into the Tech Podcasts on Itunes. I found The HomeServerShow and gave it a listen. I was very interested and downloaded all the Podcasts Itunes had to offer. I'm not an IT guy just a self taught novice. So I listen very close to what you all have to say. I was looking for a backup solution for my families pictures home videos and music And you guys convinced me that WHS was my solution.

I built my wife a new computer and used my her old HP Pavilion P4 as my WHS. I bought 2 1T drives and crammed them in the small (to small) case. It took about 2 hours to install the software with all the updates and just like that I was in the game. All seems to be running fine. I set up the connector software on all five of my homes PC's and all are working seamless with the WHS. I have not installed any addins yet because Im afraid I will break it. I hear you guys talk about all the options and I just don't think I'm ready for that step. My next project is to build a custom case at work so I will have plenty of room to grow. I work in the sheet metal field so building a case should be no problem. I plan to move the WHS out to the garage and mount it in the wall. I will be sure to take pictures along the way and write about the process. Like I said I'm no IT guy my desire is much greater than my knowledge at this point. Thanks again for the great show I get excited each week for the next show. I wish you did more than one show a week.

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Excllent. Thanks for letting us know about your WHS history. I'm looking forward to see what you can do with building a custom case. Sounds interesting. Cavediver, over at mediasmartserver.net modified his fan board. http://www.mediasmartserver.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=22&t=4816&hilit=andromeda&start=30. I would have liked to be able to build a double wide case for my EX470. So please send us some photos when you are ready.


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