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Putting a drive thru the paces


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I mentioned in a previous thread, I'm moving my old WHSv1 data over to a new build. The box was becoming very unstable in the last month or so, but it was a 6-yr old frankenbuild. I'd like to determine if my main 1TB disk was at the heart of the instability. Every so often, when I'd fire up the box that volume would show as "not avialable.". I'm not totally convinced it was actually problem with the drive.


Last night I moved the disk into a spacious Cooler Master HAF X case, where I am running Win 2008. Important data has been copied to a new volume, and copied again onto a USB drive. I would now like to run some serious diagnostics to see if this drive can be trusted (at least enough to keep it in the case).


My question is, what is the best disk diagnostic tool for doing this? It's a samsung drive, would I run a tool offered by them?





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I'd start with the Samsung tool - HUTIL

I see that Samsung has a couple utilities for HDD testing:


HUTIL - check your HDD model # to see if it's supported by this utility




While, I've never used these particular utilities I suppose they'd work. When I check an HDD, I fire up MHDD (info) and run a scan (F4) to see how fast each sector responds. Takes some time but it gives me a good idea of the shape the drive is in. MHDD also reads SMART info, plus does a lot of other stuff. It's a powerful tool. Be careful because misuse of some of the functionality could render your drive inoperative. Some will mention Spinrite, but that costs $90. MHDD is free, although admittedly they are two very different tools. If you already own Spinrite, definitely fire that up because it does a good job of verifying/qualifying a drive from what I hear from Steve Gibson and a number of folks in these forums.

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