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Which video output to my monitor from my Microserver Gen 8


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I am finally going to build my HP Microserver Gen 8 but I noticed it only has a VGA output.

My Acer Predator monitor only has HDMI and DisplayPort inputs.


Will this DisplayPort to VGA 1.8M Cable work or do I need to use a VGA cable and plug it into this DisplayPort (DP) to VGA Adapter?


Also, which would normally work better? VGA to DisplayPort or VGA to HDMI?

I don't need sound, I will only use this to view what I am seeing on the screen.


Thanks to all replies in advance!

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19 hours ago, skandal said:

Just use the iLO. I bet it's cheaper to buy a license than an adaptor. :P


I think I'll do that as well! Thanks!! 😀

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