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Strange keyboard behavior


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Easier still is a simple restore from the client machine. Keyboards go bad..fact of nature. Easy enough for me to say that before I spent days trying to solve this issue, I would go and buy a new keyboard. That's one reason I always have a spare to use as a baseline in case one does go bad.

He mentioned he tried a USB wireless keyboard but couldn't remember if the PS/2 was still plugged in.

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Thanks guys.


I will try the USB keyboard and make sure to unplug the PS/2 one (the only reason I am using it is because I had a wireless one crap out on me and it was the only backup keyboard I had lying around).


If that does not work, then I will restore from the backup from a couple of nights ago and see if that fixes the problem.


I let you know what happens...

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Well it appears that everything is working now. The problem must have been the old PS/2 keyboard that I was using.


I was using a Logitec wireless keyboard/mouse with that PC, but a while back my wife said that the keyboard wasn't working. We ended up swapping it out with the wired keyboard. I noticed that on the the wireless receiver for the old keyboard there were lights on it for numlock, caplock and function. The function light was on. I have no idea if it had been on before or not, but the only way I could turn it was to use the wireless keyboard. Once started using the wireless keyboard and unplugged the PS/2 keyboard, the PC seems to start working okay


It has been a day and half now and she has used the PC occasionally and has had no problems.


Thanks for everyone's help! I just hope that she doesn't have any problems today!



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