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Installing a 1TB SSD in my HPE MicroServer Gen10 for VMs


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I installed a 1TB Samsung 860 EVO SSD in my HPE ProLiant Gen10 MicroServer to use in creating future virtual machines in my MicroServer.






20190127 As Built.JPG




20190127 ATTO DrvE.JPG

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These ICYDOCK converters often come in handy.


I could not resist a bargain price for a 7920 PRECISION workstation from the DELL UK Outlet a few weeks ago. The drawback with these machines is that you are stuck with exactly the configuration on offer … and it came with a single 1TB HDD … not what you want your OS running on these days. Worse still the start-up timings were set such that the HDD was often too slow before the initialisation reported NO BOOT DEVICE FOUND!


No problem, just swap the HDD for an SSD in an ICYDOCK converter.

Worth mentioning that Joe has gone for the less expensive 3B variant of the dock here … whereas for his bigger machine he used the more solid and more expensive 1B option.


Somewhat related … one reason I bought the PRECISION was the inclusion (mandatory by MSFT for XEON CPU's with more than 4 cores) of Windows Pro for Workstations 4cores+ … the inclusion of Windows with a new OEM machine is always a good deal. Never having installed this edition of Windows I wanted to see what differences lay ahead from a normal Windows 10 Pro install.


To test I used the free version of the Macrium Reflect viboot facility https://www.macrium.com/viboot.

Before even starting the new machine I removed the lone HDD and cloned it to another HDD and an image. viboot then allowed me to start the image as a Windows VM, so I was able to test the OOBE in a VM before switching the new machine on for the first time. I was thus able to determine that WPfW looks no different to WP.



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