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Allway Sync on Windows


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I'm currently using Allway Sync to backup research data. The data is currently being stored on an external hard drive wich is not connected to the network. When transferring the current data (folder A) to the external hard drive (folder C), folder C doesn't recognize the path the folder A to extract the data. EVEN THOUGH a) the permissions have been granted b) the path has been entered c) the synchronization rules are correct. 


Any suggestions would help, thanks!

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Pure guesses without configuration details or error messages

- A and C are reserved names, try RESEARCH and RESEARCHB

- you have exceeded the a free usage limit somewhere

- ALLWAY doesn't like external drives (unlikely!) or has limitations when using

- the sync. definition isn't actually saved

- you have not set the timings for syncing correctly


"Folder C doesn't recognise the path to folder A" doesn't actually make any sense.

Really need the error message to investigate … is ALLWAY complaining or the OS? 

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