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I finally setup my gen 8 MS with esxi and Raid 1  to run xpenology.  Now i have some questions but not able to get any answer. hope this forum can give me insight


1. since i am running raid1 i on b120 raid controller.  In xpenology, it will only show i am running one drive.  My question is, is there any software that can monitor the 2 physical drive condition like SMART or any issues with the drive.

2. IF one of the mirror drive is broken and i need to replace the drive.  Is there a way I can see if the new drive mirroring process status


Searching hard but cant find any information.





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You could see if iLo will give you what you need. If you have a VM of Windows you could see if SSA will give you what you are looking for. There is also HPE AMS that could run from a Windows VM. There seems to be ESXi software to support AMS.

Have you tried setting up the Xpenology VM on your server? I have never had much luck with HPE RAID and Xpenology. Using passthrough to pass a controller and drives to the Xpenology VM has worked well, in the past. 

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