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1 of 2 CPU Cores in AMD Opteron X3216 used?


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Hi Community,


First, my specs (briefly):

MicroServer Gen10

AMD Opteron X3216

Win Server 2016




The Taskmanager shows only 1 CPU-core instead of 2.

(ref. image 1)


Solutions tried:

  1. checked msconfig...no CPU-Limit set
  2. checked, whether other users see the same amount of CPU-cores in task-manager (ref. image-link (internal) 2)


Anyone out there with an idea to solve this?





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Thanks for Your post,


I know this graph capability.

But, what I meant, was the number of cores, not logical cores.

Compare the two images I posted regarding the number of cores shown.


Mine shows 1 core and 2 logical and the other (from another user) shows 2 cores and 2 logical cores.

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Opteron x3216 has 2 threads (1 per core) so Windows report the logical CPU correctly.


In comparison, Ryzen 1600X on my PC which has 6 cores and 12 threads is reported like that:




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I think, you do not really read my posts.

I am NOT talking about the number of graphs.

I am talking about the number of cores shown in the summary BELOW THE GRAPHS.


In Your Image:

"Cores:    6"


In my image:

"Cores:   1"

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