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Thin Client USB Redirection


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Hi, everyone!

Hoping someone can help me out with this one!

I have a simple RDS setup of 2 servers. One is the connection broker/gateway etc (RDS001), and the other is the session host (RDS002). These are both Server 2012 R2, in the same OU, with the same GPO's applied.

I am using HP T510 clients (running ThinPro 5.2), with an RDP connection to the farm address (rds.domain.local). The connection is working fine, however usb devices (ie memory stick) will not redirect to the session host. All the redirection options in the collection properties are ticked. Audio redirects to the client with no problem. 

I have also tried connecting directly to the session host (RDS002) with no difference. 

I believe the redirect settings on the T510 to be correct, as if i set up another rdp connection from the client to another server or even the connection broker (RDS001) , the usb device i have plugged to the client redirects fine. 

So, it seems as though it is only the session host (which is where i actually want to redirect a device to..lol) having this problem. 

However, if i connect to the session host from a windows 10 pc, everything redirects as expected - just not from the t510!

Any help appreciated!

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Please transfer the post to the Windows Server 2012 Essentials R2 section, the person seems to be wrong.


But essentially ...With USB for Remote Desktop you can easily overcome any challenges with help usb over ethernet. The program has been tenderly developed to access local USB devices in remote session (RDP or Citrix ICA). Being available both for Windows and Linux, Mac OS USB for Remote Desktop will easily redirect any USB device connected to Thin Clients.

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