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Gen8 Network Adapter is dead?


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Hi All,
one week ago I received a Gen8 on which I was planning to install windows server 2019.
The setup was fine and I went on with other configurations. Last night, while i was configuring IIS, the server dropped me out.


After a quick check i found the ethernet port 2 switching on and off every 5 seconds. (left led signal)
While the other ethernet port 1 was dead (no led on, ever).

If i switch off the server the ethernet led stays on, so I suppose the driver is conficting with firmware…


windows log reports thousend of times:
    • Network Configured for 100Mb full-duplex link
    • The network link is down


windows driver is  (16/10/2013)
I upgraded the firmware of NX1 Broadcom to


    • What are the correct versions driver/firmware to be installed?
    HPE site is not very helpfull
    • The fact that Ethernet 2 led is always off suggest a hardware issue?



Many thanks



Obviously I changed cables and switch.






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Do you have UPS connected to one of USB ports? If the answer is YES, disconnect it, poweroff the server, remove power plug, wait 30 seconds, power again and try without UPS connected.


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If I look the system information inside iLo I see Firmware and status undefined.
normally this information is reported?
Adapter 2 - NIC
Location Embedded
Firmware N/A


Unknown Ports
MAC Address
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