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Privacy Advances


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I welcome the announcement of the schemes to let users take back their privacy, or as the media BS calls it 'manage one's digital footprint'.

At present technology has simply exacerbated a scattergun approach, biased in favour of vendors.


It would be preferable for both vendor and consumer to be able to prepare portfolios of products/use cases and lists of interests independently ...

… and when the consumer hits the "I'm ready to buy <XYZ>' for the vendors' offerings to be revealed against an anonymous customer profile.


Currently I am sick and tired of fending off unsolicited communications (and the tedious follow-ups asking how satisfied I am with the latest trivial purchase: one amongst many) … and the vendors must be seeing a very inefficient conversion rate from their hopeful blasts into consumer-land.

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I hear about various schemes but I am not very optimistic. once the info is out of the bag...it can be sent elsewhere.

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