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Your opinion, please? FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1310 M3


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The offer I have is FUJITSU Server PRIMERGY TX1310 M3


Xeon E3-1225V6 CPU

1 year standard warranty

Standard PSU 250W (which I can upgrade to two 450W Platinum PSUs)

Price: approximately 200 Euros

I want to use it like media/file/NextCloud server, Transmission/Deluge, mainly. Emby or Plex, maybe. And some docker images, just for experimentation and fun :-).

There is no RAID 5, that is only thing I don't like.

What you think?

Should I put 16GB RAM?

Should I upgrade PSU?


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1. With a XEON CPU at that price it is a bargain - presumably 8GB ECC RAM.

2. 2 disks out of the box visible - but I don't see how the 3rd and 4th are provided: doesn't look easy.

3. Since this is a small system with limited expansion capability I'd stick with 8GB and 250W PSU. OEM additions are generally very expensive … but you may have a good quote there too.

4. Looks like x16 and x16 (I'd guess x16/x0 or x8 x8) and two x PCI slots, so some room for addons.


Definitely powerful enough for a storage server and that XEON should handle the video work too.

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22 hours ago, JackoUK said:

2 disks out of the box visible


Thank you for answer. I forgot to mention, the offer is for diskless server, I plan to put in there 4 WD Red 3 GB.

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If you can get those 4 disks in then I'm liking it

The UK price from my usual best supplier … yes with more memory and 2x1TB disks - but you don't want the disks.


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,,, and if not there is always 2 x 8TB in RAID 1.

Don't forget, if this is BIOS as opposed to a UEFI machine, then the boot disk is limited to 2TB.

Maybe a small PCIe NVME drive in an adapter in one of the PCI slots for the OS and applications … leaving all 2/4 HDD bays free. 

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