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Seagate announces the IronWolf 110 SSD for NAS

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I saw a lot of interesting things at a few CES shows today but the one thing that stood out to me was the Seagate SSD drive for NAS systems.  This is the first SSD specifically built for NAS.  The sizes start at 240Gb and go up to 3.8TB.  Typical 2.5" and SATA connection but have a 5 year warranty and a two year data recovery warranty.  No pricing has been released.  I'll dig out the photos later but I got to hold it! Woohoo!

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What was the sales pitch?


How many home users can afford to use SSDs for bulk storage?

One SSD as a write cache, fine … but we have that now.

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Interesting as the Intel SSD's I have been using for caching (according to the Synology lifetime reporting system anyway) is about 70% though their useful life, and it's been only about 12 months. wonder how these will fair in the same situation, especially given the deeper integration between the Synology's and the Ironwolf line of disks

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