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It's time for CES 2019!


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Happy new year everyone.  I'm headed out to CES tomorrow and I'll be looking at this section for anything you might be interested in.  Post a news story, link, or whatever you find from all the CES announcements.

I'll also be sending out photos and info on Twitter if you like that sort of thing.  http://twitter.com/mccabeio  I try to keep it to a minimum.  I don't tweet a whole lot.


I'll copy the email that went out to the forums down below.    That's it, post what you find interesting or let me know something to go check out for you!



Happy New Year!


The new year is off to a great start in the RESET forums and I hope you can drop in and participate.  The new year always starts off fast and furious for the RESET community.  CES 2019 begins January 8th and I'll be heading out there to see a few things. 


This year I would like you to participate!


I have created a new section in the forums for CES 2019.  You can get to it here - https://homeservershow.com/forums/forum/207-ces-2019-coverage/


If you see anything announced that looks cool please drop a post in this section.  I'll use your posts to go see what is new.  Also, if there is something announced that you want more information on let me know.  I'll put a post in there for you to do so.  If you have any questions for Synology, QNAP, Seagate, ASUS, Gigabyte, Dell, LG, DJI, or any other company you are interested in please let me know!  I'll also be dropping in a few posts when I can.


I also plan on getting a few videos out for you.  Drop by the YouTube channel and Subscribe!

RESET YouTube - https://www.youtube.com/davidmccabe 



RESET Podcast




Are you listening to and subscribing to the RESET Podcast yet?  Give it a shot.  Subscribe here - http://reset.fm/  

The past two shows - 

RESET 56 - Fire TV Recast Review

RESET 55 - The ASUStor AS4004T 10Gbe NAS Review



That's it!  Thanks for reading down to the bottom! This is a simple e-mail list of only the members of http://homeservershow.com Forums.  Your address has not been sold and never will be.  There are no tracking mechanisms in this e-mail and I won't be gathering any data via your clicks. It's just a little information from the forums. If you really don't want to receive any more you can update your preferences here - https://homeservershow.com/settings/  Click Notification Settings.  I won't send out a lot of mail (last one sent was April 2018) but I like the idea of being able to tell you about community events. Thanks for being a HSS/RESET member.  - Dave

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I'm excited that you're going this year.  Looking forward to hearing about the new gear.


I'm particularly interested in Gigabyte MB's and QNAP.

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As was often said in the frontier days of the barn dance, please "don't forget to dance with them that brung ya!"  Although new hardware and software is very nice to see and read about, there are lot of us still working with older, but very serviceable hardware and software that meets our homeserver needs.


For example, I have four (4) large server boxes that are utilizing X58 chipset and newer motherboards, CPUs, and memory from ten years or so ago.  In each of those boxes there are at least 16 NAS grade hard drives and a couple of SSDs for the OS (Windows 2008 Server R2 Essentials), utilities, backup, etc. and some other assorted stuff, all using Stablebit DrivePool and Scanner.  It works very well for storing HD video content, etc.  So keep us old timers in your thoughts and prayers as you march forward to newer and fancier!


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Curious about Ring's showing. They have a lot of Mr. Beams stuff hitting the FCC right now.

Have Fun!!  Get lots of give-away swag for the rest of us!

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Happy New Year to you too Dave ...

… you lucky bastard!

I'm interested in computing and gambling so if I wasn't so lazy I'd be joining you in LV!!

Trouble is it would be my last trip anywhere and I'd have to buy the return flight ticket in advance 😉 


If this is the 'what do you want me to look at' post:

- networking vendors: WE WANT AN AFFORDABLE 10G SWITCH to go with our Aquantia 5G and 10G NIC's, can't you even manage say 4/5 ports? That's not going to ruin your datacentre/cloud business anytime soon.

- NAS vendors: if a 4-bay unit with 10G costs $400, can we have an 8 bay unit for $500 (it's largely more metal) and a 12 bay unit for $600 … or else we build a real computer with a fast CPU and an Aquantia 5G NIC for ourselves

- motherboard vendors: more offerings with 5G, 10G and Thunderbolt already

- case vendors: what is taking you so long to provide an affordable  case with 12 or 16 by 3.5" disk bays (we don't need 2.5" 'cos those drives are expensive and we've put our OS on an M.2 NVME drive .. or a few such with VROC)

- DELL/HP: if you actually sold the workstation upgrade kits advertised as 'SKU for installation by the customer/user' rather than locking them away you would sell more workstations and parts and make more money

- HP/DELL/MICROSOFT: why don't you offer consumer PC configurations with the OS on a small SSD and 2/4 disks with REfS as a premium device (let engineering not marketing decide the price)? 


Have a nice show.

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Rich question for most vendors:


Given that the performance levels of modern-day hardware vastly exceed the typical consumer’s  requirements for everyday computing … what is your company doing as part of an architecture to reduce prices and improve utilisation efficiency?


For example:

      - a consumer 8TB disk costs c$200 … whereas 500GB = 0.5TB of cloud storage on Amazon costs $250 p.a. (an architectural imbalance massively in favour of the vendor)

-   why would anyone want to subscribe to Office 365 when they have yet to use the new features from Office 2007?

        - consumer CPUs are idle 90%+ of the time (hugely inefficient and would not be tolerated by any self-respecting business on their servers)



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11 hours ago, JackoUK said:

The AQUANTIA stand should be a good one to suss out GB networking ...

Ask Aquantia how they see Intel's Icelake announcement of Thunderbolt support on chip affecting their market 😢

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