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Sata Errors on HP Microserver Gen8


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Hi there,
I hope this topic fits here just right.
So a few days ago, I moved my Microserver Gen8 to a friend's place and resetted it.
When we set it up with new disks, the raid-creation in OpenMediaVault (Debian 9.6) failed.
`smartctl` tests passed just fine though and vendor-tools also didn't report any drive errors.
What happened?
- I start the Raid creation via `mdadm` and after a while (random blocks and times), it fails and the second disk seems to fail (e.g. sda and sdb are creating a raid, then sdb gets "kicked out" and reread as e.g. sdd, sometimes even with only a few GB of space instead of 3TB).
I tried attaching the second disk on ata2 and ata3, but it keeps failing. The one on ata1 works just fine though.
I tried different disks and vendors, but get the same results.
There are some errors in `dmesg`, but I don't know what they mean. I pasted them here: https://pastebin.com/raw/XASQJ6cy

What I did here: I stopped the raid to re-create it, but then didn't do anything for a while and the error still came up.

Can someone help me with this? (As a wild guess, I'd say that somethings wrong with the SATA connections at least on ata2 and ata3).

Thanks in advance :)

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How are you booting OM? Do you have the BIOS set to AHCI? It's a good idea to check connections after moving a system. I would unplug and reconnect the SATA connection at the system board.

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OMV is on a SSD in the ODD slot, with GRUB pointing there from the internal SD-Card-Slot.
BIOS is set to AHCI enabled, yes.
OK, I will try to check the connections as soon as I am back home... never really dismantled the whole thing, so I hope it's not too hard.

Anything else I could check there to verify this? It'd be weird if it's the connection, because the HDDs were partially working. I mean, they were detected by BIOS and the OS and I could use them to some extend.

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The first time I tried and it failed, it were 2 brand new Seagate 3TB. That time I thought it was one of the drives that failed and replaced it with another brand new Seagate 3TB. That failed as well. Now I put in the 2 drives from my previous setup (where they worked fine for almost 2 years) and it failed as well.
An hour ago, I dismantled the server, checked all the connections, cleaned off the dust and reset the NVRAM via the maintenance switch.
Now I put in the two old drives again, but in a different order and started creating a Raid1 again... by now it reached 13% resync... let's hope for the best :)

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