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Vpn issue 2016 essentials with win7 client


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been reading through this forum, and also 2012 r2 essentials, but somehow i am not getting my vpn to work

my configuration:


gen8 with 2 nics connected and ilo4 nic connected. Nic 1 is connected to internet, nic 2 to my internal network

ip adresses:

nic 1:, with gateway

nic 2:, no gateway



nic 1 is connected to 4g router. Portforwardings for ports 80, 443, 1723 to ip


after installation of server 2016e activated a remotewebaccess.com adress at microsoft, and installed remotewebacces and vpn.

remotewebacces with /remote option is working


my windows 7 laptop is in the domain of my server, client connector installed, and backup etc working.

when i am at my office, or connected via a hotspot of my iphone, i want to make a vpn connection.

everytime i start this, i see shortly that username and login are checked, but that is it, connection stops.


i know i am overlooking something, but as allways, the longer you look, less change of finding it.


any suggestions?. No need to hurry, i can only test this again on saturday.😩😏. Have to work tomorrow.


any help is appreciated






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