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So, what do my fellow geeks have on their Christmas Lists, presuming of course that you have all been nice and Santa's going to sort you out over the festive period?....


Personally, I'm more of a need guy, I prefer practical gifts and things that I will use rather than things that I have to feign interest in, not one for wasting money..

I'd like a new iPad mini, but the Mini 4 is years old now so I'm kinda holding out for a refresh before I stump up the money for one myself, but my old Mini2 is about dead, its had 2 new screens and can be a bit random sometimes with ghost clicks, so that's about the only thing I'd ask for from a geek POV,

socks is a given, since we have a 16 year old that wears holes in my socks and doesn't wear them in pairs..


Other than that, if I want something, I'll buy it myself at some point, apparently that makes me a nightmare to buy for..



Whats everyone else wanting....

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I'm very much in that situation where I just end up buying the things I want for myself. That being said, I did get a nice LG OLED a couple of years ago so I'm always waiting to see what else she might have up her sleeve. 

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