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SSD write speed on N54L ESXi - what do you get?


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Hello all. First time poster, have done a lot of reading here but am a little stumped. Appreciate this is aging kit but it's still solid. 


I put an SSD in to speed things up a bit. I seem to hit max write speed of ~125MBps with a new Kingston 120GB SSD which is rated to 450MBps (I know this can't actually be reached on Sata 2). Read is around 230MBps so that is above the Sata 1, so I'm sure this is using the 3Gbps port. It's installed in the ODD bay with a SATA 3 cable. ESXi 5.1 at U9 including updated achi driver. Server wasn't quick to boot so I ran a default ATTO Disk Benchmark, hence realizing I'm getting less than Sata 1 speeds on write. 


I have the BIOS mod and setup the config as; 


OnChip SATA Channel [Enabled]


OnChip IDE Type [IDE or Legacy IDE](1)


SATA IDE Combined Mode [Disabled] -- sets Ports 4 & 5 to use AHCI


SATA EPS on all PORT [Enabled](2) -- sets all Ports to be external SATA Ports


SATA Power on all PORT [Enabled]


Also set the speed of SATA to 3Gbps



The Sata cable is good as was taken from PC which was previously running another SSD at full SATA 3 speed. 


My questions is whether on the N54L with ESXi, should I really be able to hit the theoretical 300MBps write speed? Or is 125MBps about as good as it will get? What do you get with your SSD in this bit of tin? 


Thanks for reading, I'm interested to see what others have more than anything else, I'm not sure what else I can really do and 5.5 won't necessarily fix anything. Short of buying different brand SSDs and trying those (eek!)


EDIT: Should add that I know boot is read speed so maybe the slow boot was just my perception of slowness and it was just Windows 2012 R2 being normal, I've not played with it a huge amount. 




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