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WHS 2011 Dashboard breaks with Win10 Ver. 1809


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So one of my PCs was updated to Windows 10 ver. 1809 today, and low and behold the WHS Dashboard appears to break. The icon in the system tray is grayed out, and you get an error when tying to look at the Alert Viewer. You can open the dashboard okay, but the PC is also grayed out in computer list. Since WHS thinks the computer is offline, it won't perform a backup. Wonder if this is the true death of Windows Home Server?


Doh! It looks like I just needed to log into the launchpad, then reboot, then everything seems to be okay once again. Whew!

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regardless of build/release I have had times where I had to manually start some services to get the icon activated.  not sure it applies to v1

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