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Installing hp P222 in gen 8, replacing hp P212


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it is a stormy weekend here, lots of rain, so i want to change some configurations in my gen8 with P212 smart array card

my configuration:


booting from odd bay 240 gb ssd 

in gen 8 bays 1 and 2  raid 2x 3 tb

bay 3 and 4 stand alone drives for server backup and client backups. All connected to b210


an external box for 4 drives, all raid 0 connected to p212 external port.


my changes include the following:


replace P212 by P222.

take connector from b210 and connect it to internal port P222

connect external connector to P222

connect ssd to b210 port 1 for higher speed.



questions i am asking myself:

a) will all arrays be recognized directly when connect to P222

b) will set boot from ssd, guess i have to look in setup for boot disk

c) can i add a second ssd, same size, and make it an raid 1 configuration, so port 1 and 2 from b210 are 1 boot disk?




Sorry, When writing b210, i meant b120i

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I would check to see that all of your existing hardware and the P222 are all up to date with the latest firmware. Then be sure you have a clean backup. The P222 should pick up any HP RAID sets. You should review the Smart Array user guide to review the process to move arrays. The B120i should find the SSD and boot from it. Changing ports should not make a difference. Adding another SSD to make a RAID1 could be an issue. The B120i does not support RAID conversion, RAID0 to RAID1. That said, I think I tried it once a long time ago and it worked. However it is possible that creating the RAID1 will over write all of the data on the existing drive.

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Thanks Schoondoggy,


luckely i have a second gen8. I will install the p222 in that one, and see firmware version, and if needed updat it. The gen8 are both up to date.

i have read a lot this weekend in this forum, and it looks like do-able without much problems

if the ssd raid will be a problem, wel then i just have to do a reinstall of windows server 2016 essentials.


thanks again


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      I have recently purchased a Gen 8 Microserver with plans to install OMV.
      I did a bit of reading prior (and having also got a N54L) picked up a P222 Smart Array Raid card so I could also use RAID 5 on my 4 x 8Tb WD Red Plus drives.
      I also had lying around an old 2.5" 160Gb WD Blue drive which I was going to use for the OS.
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      Is it possible to install an OS onto the ODD drive and boot from it.  I have read elsewhere that I may need to use either a USB or microSD card as the boot device.
      Does this drive need to be a SSD?
      Since I have plugged the SAS cable into the P222 card, I was able to configure the drives in RAID 5, however, I am now getting a error under iLO saying System Health Degraded.
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      When I open the SSA application, there is a Warning - 823 - The cache for Smart Array P222 in Slot 1 has been disabled because the backup operation failed.
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      Is it possible for the P222 Raid Card to pass through storage on the Mircroserver Gen8 esxi 7.0u build? 
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      I have a Micreoserver gen8 with a new P222 and 4 X 4TB WD red drives forming a raid6 array. The problem is i can hear a loud noise comming from HDD like a intense reading disk operation, but when disks suposly are idle. This happen periodicaly like each 15 minutos or so. I think this can be a checking disk operation from p222 raid card but is anoying and I'm not sure. Can you provide any hint to this?
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      Hello everyone and I am new to this forum.
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      At first I didn't pay too much attention since it was not critical information. Now it has been more than a month, is there anything I can do to fix it? The disk performance has been decreased noticeably. 
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