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Holy WHS V1 Server resurrection Batman!


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Hi guys, a bit late to the party on here! However, I thought I'd post about my just building a WHS V1 system.


I had one running for a few years. Upgraded to V(f)ail, didn't like that. Then I dumped the platform in favour of Synology boxes. I've got a 1515+ that I've had for a few years for media shares and it's been great.


I've always missed the seamless back-up features of the original WHS though. So, I thought, why not? I've loads of old computer parts stored. So I put a small box together using a Gigabyte board, a C2D E8600, 4 GB of DDR2 and a single 1TB HDD. 


It all went together nicely, WHS installed to a workable state, needing only a few extra drivers. I put updates on automatic and after a while it started downloading them. After a few reboots it got to the stage where IE8 was on, so I could run Windows Update manually to finish off.


I've still got a copy of the X-Files Edition Restore Disk, from the legendary Drashna, from the old WeGotServed days. It works perfectly still, it restored my Wifes` Lenovo laptop the other day after an errant Windows Update stopped her favourite Shockwave games working! The brownie points from that alone were well worth the effort!


So it just sits there quietly doing its job, external connections are disabled, there's no media sharing. It just does backups and It does them very well. I have another old xp machine that I use for old games. I can restore the system SSD in that in less than 10 minutes, brilliant!


So, there's life in the old WHS dog yet, thanks for having me on board and thanks for reading, if you did! :D




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This makes me want to make another media center box. There are so many things the MS seemed to be ahead of its time on. Thanks for sharing! 

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Boys and their toys!


I've just dropped an old Pentium E5200 into it, instead of the the C2D. It speedsteps down to only 1200 MHz now. Plenty enough for purpose.


Amazing what you can find at the back of a drawer! :D



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I've only got a single 1TB hdd in my little WHS. It is plenty for my back-up needs. Or rather, it was until the VSS service started pigging a big chunk of my disk space! I can see how it can be beneficial on a workstation, not so much on a server though. I followed this article to instantly reclaim my valuable disk space.

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I just can't refrain from fiddling!


It now has a Q9550 in there, along with not one but three 1TB drives. :D


Boys and their toys...

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Bloomin' windows updates!

I've a small Acer Revo RL70 as a htpc on my bedroom tv, running Win 7 HP. The other evening I decided to retire early and watch a movie. I normally leave the unit in standby but on last use I'd powered it down. On booting, the desktop appeared as normal, but I had no mouse or keyboard functions.


Hmmm, this machine only has USB ports. With a wireless dongle for the keyboard and mouse. So, I tried new batteries, nothing. A wired keyboard and mouse, nothing.


Thinking it may be a hardware issue, I tried to enter the bios. The keyboard worked ok there!


Booting the WHS recovery CD and both the mouse and keyboard worked. So something was bricking my USB when windows loaded.


No worries. I'll restore a back-up. Nope, another, nope, another, nope...  I had to go back to the 5th of January to get one that worked!


Bloody KB 4481480 downloaded on the 9th was waiting for a full re-start to wreak its havoc. There had been reports of network connectivity loss, I can add USB to that.


M$ are really beginning to piss me off.... updates are off on that machine from now on.


Thank heavens for WHS. Perhaps that why M$ binned it, it was something that worked!

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