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I know @schoondoggy bought a 3D printer a few years ago but a quick search seems to indicate the model he got was not recommended.


I am looking to purchase my own 3D printer.  I have really wavered back and forth on this but I am once again sitting here wanting to print something and the resources available to me are really limited.


Anyone have a recommendation?  I do not want to spend a lot of money.  It seems like the units from Monoprice are a good value.  Just wondering if anyone has any experience with them.


My next question is if this is something I am going to need to keep in the garage?  I don't think the WAF will be very high if it makes the basement and the rest of the house smell like melted plastic.


Current project ideas:  Ring Pro Doorbell vinyl siding mounting bracket.  New BBQ bit blower housing (I melted the one I had printed a couple years ago).

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Did Schoon get the Monoprice one?  I don't recall.  CES is loaded with this tech.  You could spend an entire day talking to these vendors.  How fun it must be to do this as your blog and forum.  I wonder if they would send out printers! That would be cool.  


I want one but not sure if I have the needs yet.  Following this thread for sure.

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I think he only had the cheap one he commented he wouldn’t recommend.  We have some really high end 3D printers at work (for work).


These things are like inkjet printers.  The cost is really in the filament you need for printing.

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I have had this one for three years:


They have fixed the issues I had with converting drawings into a format that the printer liked. I had some issues with projects sliding on the plate, but a new plate fixed that. It is really slow. The biggest thing that holds me back from using it more is my own drafting skills.

Things to look for:

Printing size to match your needs

Easy of creating a design and getting it into the printer.


I have heard good things about Monoprice printers. Also check your local 'Maker' community. Some of our local tech schools have Maker Labs open to the public. You can play with their printers .


There is some good info here:


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Whilst technically not mine I have several clients that have them, and this is what I have found


UpBox Gen 1 - Run Away...Fast

UpBox Gen 2 - Go for it, few teething problems but that seems to have been due to a faulty printhead, still one more issue I am working through but that is probably just me PEBKACing it

UpMini - Worked right out of the box, calibrated it, and off it ran

Dremel Idea Builder - Little temperamental however my biggest gripe is the lack of support for direct STL ingests into the machine.


I am considering one for home which will most likely be the UpBox Gen 2 (or newer). Having said that I have had 1000x more use out of the laser cutters than I have ever found for the 3D printers, Once the Dremel Laser Cutter gets to my part of the world I will most likely pick one up.


The other ones I am wanting to try are as follows


Desktop Metal (more specialised but I have one client where this could be highly useful creating small parts for classic cars or custom cars where the parts are no longer available, 3D scan an original, print a replacement


MoonRay Resin Printer


Desktop Waterjet (cannot recall the company name but someone was working on a footstool sized waterjet, again for the same client as the Desktop Metal. That paticular client is "retiring" in a couple of years but wants something to work from home

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I have used some 3d printers and have seriously looked into buying one  however


The low end printers will have trouble making  "structural" parts that are usefull.    some cant even handle the stronger resins, like ABS and mostl dont have enough heat input to process parts in those resins efficiently


they are useful in learning the computer part of the process, especially generating the STL code.


Do you have a maker space in your area -   my local library has set up one and you can reserve time on  several decent machines with folks on had to help out newbies




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Hi guys, whats best 3D printer to print high quality characters sculpted in blender? (it will be a Christmas gift for my partner)

what would you recommend?

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