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Windows 10 'October' 2018 Update

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Much danger in Windows 1809 upgrade, there is.


Been a while since I did a clean OS install on my data servers, laptop and workstation … but I braved a full network upgrade over the last couple of weeks .. .and have lived to tell the tale.

I booted from the same W10PRO x64 USB drive in a USB 2.0 slot on all devices, wiping the OS partition on the OS drive and installing a clean copy of 1809 in the unallocated space.

Slow … but steady … on the Gen7 N36L (still here after all these years and serving up data at 100MBs!) … faster on the Gen8's … and pretty swift on my laptop and workstation (with SSD's).

No adventures. Loading the B120i driver on the Gen8: no problem.


Previous 'in place' upgrades have destroyed my shared folder configurations … so I 'unshared' all such folders before the network refit … and added the shares back afterwards.

Previous upgrades also made the shares invisible in the File Explorer Network tree. Not very helpful over 4 data servers!

Initial findings:

- all the necessary drivers are found and installed correctly by Windows (including my … I emphasise 'my' … drivers for Microservers {N36L, N54L, GEN8x2) , laptop and workstation (both 'old'))

- this update restores the visibility of shared areas (see the attached image). Great.

- I like the new Snip and Sketch app (replacing the Snipping tool which I use a lot for documentation) ...

… so I've doodled on the image for the GEN8 servers q.v. to show one bug: CPU consumption shows as 0 in Task Manager for Gen8 Microservers


Overall I'm happy, indeed 1809 is an advance on 1803 from performance to date.


Looking forward to Sets in 1903 ...



Annotation 2018-11-24 124744.jpg

Annotation 2018-11-24 125458.jpg

Annotation 2018-11-24 125626.jpg

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Interesting, for the heck of it I might try this on my HP ML10 V2 server which I decommissioned and see what happens.


Thanks for this :)

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