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Windows 10 'October' 2018 Update


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Much danger in Windows 1809 upgrade, there is.


Been a while since I did a clean OS install on my data servers, laptop and workstation … but I braved a full network upgrade over the last couple of weeks .. .and have lived to tell the tale.

I booted from the same W10PRO x64 USB drive in a USB 2.0 slot on all devices, wiping the OS partition on the OS drive and installing a clean copy of 1809 in the unallocated space.

Slow … but steady … on the Gen7 N36L (still here after all these years and serving up data at 100MBs!) … faster on the Gen8's … and pretty swift on my laptop and workstation (with SSD's).

No adventures. Loading the B120i driver on the Gen8: no problem.


Previous 'in place' upgrades have destroyed my shared folder configurations … so I 'unshared' all such folders before the network refit … and added the shares back afterwards.

Previous upgrades also made the shares invisible in the File Explorer Network tree. Not very helpful over 4 data servers!

Initial findings:

- all the necessary drivers are found and installed correctly by Windows (including my … I emphasise 'my' … drivers for Microservers {N36L, N54L, GEN8x2) , laptop and workstation (both 'old'))

- this update restores the visibility of shared areas (see the attached image). Great.

- I like the new Snip and Sketch app (replacing the Snipping tool which I use a lot for documentation) ...

… so I've doodled on the image for the GEN8 servers q.v. to show one bug: CPU consumption shows as 0 in Task Manager for Gen8 Microservers


Overall I'm happy, indeed 1809 is an advance on 1803 from performance to date.


Looking forward to Sets in 1903 ...



Annotation 2018-11-24 124744.jpg

Annotation 2018-11-24 125458.jpg

Annotation 2018-11-24 125626.jpg

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Interesting, for the heck of it I might try this on my HP ML10 V2 server which I decommissioned and see what happens.


Thanks for this :)

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Do you use Windows 10 as your Server OS?
IMHO will you use any of Windows Server OS you will not faced to any of issues, such you corrupted shared folders config.

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Yes, I use Windows 10 Professional x64 everywhere.


I suspect there is either a bug or configuration issue in 1803 which means devices and their shared folders are not broadcast to the network. I say that because after upgrading the machines above I turned to my tablets. Before they too were upgraded they could now see all the 1809 machines. Everything is working smoothly now: as devices are switched on their existence and shared folders appear automatically in the network tree.; once visible they don't disappear and reappear for no apparent reason.


I'd be happy to upgrade to Windows 2016 Server as soon as you send me the money for the licenses and CALS 😉

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Tried searching … successfully found various sites recommending various service configurations … some recommendations here too … none worked … gave up.


Rebuilt completely from the ground up for 1809. Everything worked as hoped for and stable by default. Not going back, just installed yesterday's cumulative update to 1809!

Keep up with the programme nrf 😉


Another thing I suspect is that NASDAQ:MSFT screwed up the removal of Homegroup for 1803.

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I'm sorry that I let that tip spill out of my cache. I should keep notes when I fix things rather than hoping to re-find the answer.

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