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What the Eh Canada?


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Yup, this simply a further illustration that CRTC is serving the interests of corporations and not the consumers as they should be.


I'm quite annoyed because as soon as Rogers started putting a cap on the 'unlimited' account that I signed a contract for them with, I had to switch providers. This worked out for me since I switch to Teksavvy and they offer a fantastic, unlimited service for less than I was paying with Rogers ($32 for 5Megs DSL unlimited). (as for how much longer they'll be able to offer the unlimited service, that's up in the air..)


The way telecom works in Canada is that Bell owns all of the last-mile connections in most of the country. If you want a (non-cable-based) phone line or DSL connection in Canada, you're forking out $10 to Bell for maintenance of the tax-payer-subsidized infrastructure (which in and of itself is just wrong). Because the taxpayers paid for Bell's infrastructure, legally Bell *has* to sell bandwidth to wholesalers (like Teksavvy). For a while this worked well enough. Bell did what they wanted with the lines and their data plans and the wholesalers were able to operate as they saw fit.


The problem that the CRTC has created now is that they're letting Bell decide how Teksavvy (a separate corporate entity with no connection to Bell other than being a wholesale customer) prices its services, and controls what type of services it can offer. Basically once Bell gets their way, Teksavvy will no longer be able to offer me the unlimited account (ie, the service Teksavvy offered that differentiated them from the incumbent duopolies of Bell and Rogers).

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Hopefully they will go the way of the Big Bells here

and cease to be as monopolistic. Nowadays, there are

so many choices for services, but sadly they depend

on the delivery of internet to your home. With significant

data limits, things can become quite limited. Obviously

Netflix streaming, online backup, etc.

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