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Plex with HDHR and Live TV is Absolute Garbage


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I talked about Plex with live tv on RESET 53. Listen to that here - http://reset.fm/53  I talk about some of its shortcomings that are forcing me to pull it offline yet again.




If TV was simply a slideshow of photos it would be perfect.  Anything that moves shows these lines.  It doesn't look so bad on this screen capture but on the big screen and on my 28" PC monitor is bad. It's not just sports, if there is a small movement you see these lines.  It's either Plex or my Core i7 16Gb RAM, 256Gb SSD PC.


What am I comparing it to? Windows Media Center. Which was pretty perfect until the PC died.  Any guesses as to why i'm getting motion blur on live TV?

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Plex I have seen it on the Apple TV, but I always put it down to transcoding issues (the Synology not having a processing power) but I see no reason that the core I7 season should have got the rot


:P now the question is who can tell what rhyme that is taken from

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