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dpc watchdog violation with windows server 2016 1607


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Hi, my HP Microserver Gen8 has been working extremely well until about 2 weeks ago. I get periodic DPC Watchdog Violations. About every other day.


My configuration was upgraded based on guides on this forum years ago. Upgraded to E3-1265L, 16 GB, added SSD to the optical bay. I am using Windows Server Essentials 2016 using the hybrid installation method (single license split as Hyper-V host and Essentials guest that was followed based on a guide from Microsoft).


I'm using Dynamic Smart Array B120i RAID instead of Intel SATA with 3 arrays. SSD in logical 1 as RAID 0; Array 2 is RAID 1 in bays 1 + 2; and Array 3 is RAID 0 in bays 3 + 4. I'm not using Windows iSCSI or Storage Pools.


The common resolutions the error for Windows 10 regarding replacing the Intel SATA drivers on Window doesn't seem to apply since I'm using B120i. And the resolutions regarding SSD also doesn't seem to apply since Smart Storage Administrator SSD Wear Report shows no issues.


The event log reports BugCheck 0x00000113 (0x0000000000000001, 0x0000000000001e00, 0xfffff80102836540, 0x0000000000000000) which suggests a BIOS or hardware compatibility issue causing the system to cumulatively spend an extended period of time at IRQL_DISPATCH_LEVEL or above. But the configuration of the server hasn't changed in 2 years.


Has anyone seen recent issues with DPC Watchdog Violation occurring recently (perhaps due to some Windows update) or have any guidance on where else to look.

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It's seems that ssd is going to fail try check with vendor utility


Problem is that b120 controller in raid mode cannot see directly ssd and trim is not working, then is problem with reduced ssd lifetime

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