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Quick Look: HP's MediaSmart EX495 Home Server


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Hi The Guy,

Sure i got comments;

It's a good review, lot's of details, a few typos, but a lot of good facts.

I like that he mentions the eSata differences between each model, the quieter power supply in the 490/5.

If you can get a 490 for $399 and change the CPU that would be the best option. But if you can get a 470 for $250 or less and change the CPU for a dual-core and wait for the HP 3.0 update that might be the best deal, but remember the PSU is louder, 4 bay esata instead for 5 on the 490/5.

I didn't know that the bios has to be modified on the 490 to take the dual-core chip. interesting.

you must reset the BIOS to enable PECI before you replace the stock model with a multi-core replacement, or the machine won

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Fellow WHS MVP Donavon West beat Tom's to the punch on that upgrade along tinme ago. Someone needs to light a fire under Donavon he hasn't done much lately. He's got a great Gadget for the Vista/7 desktop called Share Master for WHS. It is a sweet little gadget and I use it all the time. Check it out.



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To bad Donavon West fell of the map. His site was on my top 3 list. I'm big on the hardware hacks and loved that he was able to get his hands on hardware and crack it open. www.myhomeserver.com was great to, they had a bunch of How To's. New content not reviews about what other wrote. I used Donavon gadget for a long time. But I only follow 2 of those links. I have Twadget for Twitter, I follow Terry Walsh, Andrew Edney, Philip Churchill, homeservershow. So I get those links that way now. To bad the ShareMaster links can't be changed.

MediaSmartServer.net for forums.
WeGotServed for news & reviews.
HomeServerShow for podcast.

MSWHS for extra news and hidden tidbit.
UWHS has Friday Night & Tuesday tips and a bit of extras.
TDL Ian Dixon Media Center stuff.
HomeServerLand usually quiet but some jewels.

Now these forums, but I guess I'm bias, hehe


John (homeservershow).

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Follow up to " Sure i got comments; "

From what I could see there is upgrade possibilities with the HP's but the software seems to be the winning factor, too bad HP does not have an APP store... I would invest in some of their solutions... I agree with the statement

" ...As it hears from its users and understands that they want more power and capability to play back and transcode videos, as well as provide network backups, share photos and home videos, and establish a low-maintenance Web site for outside access... "

Comparing your home built WHS and the new HP unit that you have, how much value is the HP software worth to you... is it that much better? Is the HP Twonky version any different then the DIY version? Is it the best remote video streamer?

What I'd like to see is the comparison of a Celeron-based versus Core 2 Duo-based versus ATOM based shoot out. In WHS using typical applications and features of WHS, does it really matter which processor is used and how many cores they have. The numbers Tom has were interesting to view, but may be less valuable as they stated.

Being from the old school of more is better, but then I reflect on my WHS which has an ATOM 430 (2 cores) and 2GB Memory and I am amazed at how fast this little puppy run's my Windows Home Server. Then I look at my i5 box and smile...what if. But then for server task, it probably would not matter that much.

I'm always fascinated by making the total solution faster and more efficient on all levels. Truly the fun part. From this article I'd have to agree that HP seems to have found a sweet spot.

" nobody else is in the same league as HP with regard to price or performance. "

Would that be the reason you purchased an HP?


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Some people like their servers really big with a lot of room to grow, makes perfect sence. Some like a tiny winny atom that they can hide on a shelf. With my server, I lean towards the smaller end, but I do want to be able to hack the box, not really posible with an atom chip. I cobbled a bunch of PC's together in the past and wanted a ready built system that I can have up front. So quiet and looks is important.

HP's box give me the posiblity to replace that CPU so I'm happy I'm not tied down on that. 4 drive unit is a good fit, no 2 drive or single drive WHS for me. MediaSmartServer.net has been a really great place to get info, that's a big plus for the HP box.

The 47x were great for HP's 1st attempt at WHS. The 48x was a step back, 1 drive esata, ouch. Twonky was nice, Media Collector is helpful if you have a bunch of media spread all over. But the 49x, now that was a move up, quieter, better Twonky, Mac connector software. The only company that does Mac justice. 5 drive esata, sweet. 2 choices different CPU. They goofed on removing the Server Recovery internal USB.

I'm underwhelmed with the x510, it's just a EX495 and you pay more ???? They should have added a email solution maybe add Digital Acrhound, come on guys, some business software. Even I got Active Directory, Windows Deployment Services working on my 470 with SharePoint and SmarterMail and Digital Archound.

All right that's enough rambling. You know how to poke me, TheGuy.

John (homeservershow).

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