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Last shutdown reason

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How can I see in ILO what was the last automatic shut down reason? I suspect it overheated (most recently in the summer), since then I added a plus vent in the box where it is. But in this case, why does not turns the fan on higher RPM?


It is also interesting that it cannot be started automatically (after cool down if that was the reason), even if I press the power button at this time, I have to pull out the power cable for 1 minute and then back and it is good (starts automatically, as it is set to).

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In iLo, look under Information, then iLO Event Log.

If iLo is shutting down the server, it will say something like, Automatic Operating System Shutdown Initiated due to xxxxxx'

What OS are you running and have you checked the event logs there?

Check your cooling profile in the BIOS.

After a shutdown, have you tried to restart it from iLo?

Do you have the latest BIOS and firmware?

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