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Hi Forum


i wonder if anyone can help, im planning on installing an SSD

this one http://uk.crucial.com/gbr/en/proliant-microserver-gen8/CT11178114

i have the HPE 9.5mm SATA DVD RW Jb Kit already installed but need to know which adapter(s) i need to purchase

to ensure i can have both installed togther

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There is room behind the DVD to set a SSD with double sided tape. You could use the SATA port from the DVD drive for the SSD and then use a USB to SATA adapter for the DVD. If you are thinking of adding more SSD you would need to get a card with more SATA ports. You will need to split off power conections for each device. If you are going to add more drives you could look at one of my brackets:


There are 3D printable brackets as well.

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what adapters will I need to purchase for this


at the moment I only have is

2x HPE 1TB 6G SATA 7.2K rpm LFF 3.5'' Non-hot plug Midline Hard Drive

HPE 9.5mm SATA DVD RW Jb Kit


if adding the modification above what adapters will I need to purchase in order to get 2  2.5" SSD & HPE 9.5mm SATA DVD RW Jb Kit still attached and working

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ideally yes


i want to not use the DVD Drive as i can use iLO for ISO if i need to install an server OS

I want to be able to boot from a SSD for main OS

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That video shows installing one SSD and four hard drives.

If you are removing the DVD drive, you could put the SSD on the ODD bay area and use some double sided tape to hold it in place. You would need a standard SATA cable for data and a FDD to SATA power cable, like this:


You can only boot from the ODD SATA port if you are using the B120i controller. You need to set the SSD to a single drive RAID0. If you want to use AHCI you will need to setup a bootloader to get it to boot from the ODD port.

What OS are you planning on running?



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