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How do we connect a laptop's HD to another laptop?

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My son has had a laptop for many years. I've got to give him credit, he's put up with it's failings for a long time. Finally, the thing just quit. So, he's gotten a new laptop.


He would very much like to get the data off of the hard drive from the old laptop. The old laptop had a plater HD. I've heard of people pulling HD's out of laptops, then putting them into "something" (it's this I don't know) so they could connect it to another machine, either desktop or laptop. I'm hoping someone here knows what I'm talking about and can help us. How do we get the data off of his old HD onto his new laptop?

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It'll be a 2.5" drive in the old laptop, simply put it into a USB caddy and off you go..




thats the one I have, prefer it to the more common ones with micro USB/USB-C on them as you get a decent connection..

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If it has a 40 pin connector you will need a PATA/IDE connector, they are available but the best of the ones I have used is the Vantec one

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