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Client backup and File History


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I have bought new hardware for my server build as my Q6600 was really starting to show it's age. The Q6600 was running Server 2012 R2 Essentials and with my new build I was forced to reinstall by M$/Intel since 2012 R2 is not supported on 7th gen or 8th gen processors, went through the painful process of installing Server 2016 Essentials from scratch. 


Is there a way to migrate the client back ups and file history from 2012 R2 to 2016? I'm more concerned about  file history as client backups can just get recreated and rather start fresh since all my PCs are now on 1809.  




I was hoping to jump to 2019 Essentials but sad to see M$ crippled it. 9 years of updates for 2016 will have to do, hopefully i find another solution by then.  

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