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Strange reading from traffic.


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Hello all


I have a microserver gen8 with esxi6.5, to vm ( omv and windows server 2012).

All system is connect to a Ubiquity switch. Reading the log from switch regarding the port where is connect the ilo I havea lot of traffic. The port for the server are 4,5 and 6.

All have gigabites traffic even the ilo one



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What port is which? Seems port5 is ilo and maybe you uploaded a support pack?


Also what is the timeframe ubnt shows?


Mine also shows vast amounts of traffic:




I suspect it’s cummulative since the last reboot.

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Sorry to answer to late.

Yes the ilo is on port 5.
But it’s strange that all ports give almost amount. And I didn’t upload anything to ilo.
Another thing is if I go to statistic for each port. I only have for ilo.

Like if all traffic goes out from server by the ilo port.

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