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I am building a Ryzen machine. Using the new Ryzen 7. What is the best ram to use. Obviously ddr4. And recommendations on brand and size

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    • 50pence
      By 50pence
      Apologies if posted before but a weird one I‚Äôm hoping someone can help me figure out (probably bought the wrong ram! ūüėí)
      Stock Gen8 with Celeron G1610T CPU & 4GB RAM (
      Upgraded to
      e3-1256L v2 with 65w HP Heatsink
      Offtek 16GB (2 x8GB) DDR3 1600MHz 2R x8 ECC 
      Offtek ram was bought sometime ago and registered fine in bios with the celeron.
      Since upgrade of cpu & heatsink - the RAM slot closest to heatsink just doesn’t want to work. Tried swapping ram modules around. Single slots used. The slot furthest away from heatsink seems to work fine with all ram modules.
      See pictures of failures and ram used. 
      The bios jut seems to loop around at 30% when Any ideas??

    • juan3211
      By juan3211
      HI, I have purchased a GEN 10 microserver (version CPU AMD Opteron X3216 / 1.6 GHz with 8 Gb RAM). 
      I have installed Server 2016 Standard (two hard disk: 2Tb and 4Tb RED) but I have a problem with memory.
      In windows server it says: 8 Gb RAM (6,96 GB available). 
      I have:
      install video driver from HP web page uninstall it and leave the basic default driver check all BIOS option to search for a option for the shared video card memory.  (I haven't found anything)  
      So no luck.
      Does any body knows how to increase the available RAM ?
    • Kelv1n
      By Kelv1n
      Hi Folks
      Wondering if somebody could advise, I'm looking to purchase 32GB RAM for my HP Microserver Gen10, and have been offered  2x16GB PC4-17000 DDR 2133P... Would this work in one of these boxes?
      Speed wise, I'm not too fussed about.
    • rbpro1
      By rbpro1
      Hi all,
      I'm continually stuck at 90% system initialisation showing status code 0114 on boot
      Has anyone else run into this problem before?
      This initially came up as I tried to install new ram (2 x 8GB) : http://www.crucial.com/usa/en/proliant-microserver-gen8/CT4487632
      The issue is that it still persists when I try to reboot it with my old 2GB stock ram.
    • Joe_Miner
      By Joe_Miner
      This is a record of the first time I removed & reinstalled RAM and pulled out the System Board.  Removing and installing RAM is an easy process that I did from the side of the machine without needing to remove the System Board.  After loosening the T15 screw and removing the 3 connections to the System Board (see Pictures below) it was easy to slide out and inspect.  
      Note connection to System Board to the right of RAM bank

      Note 2 connections to system board - Power & SAS connector



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