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Pooped External Drive


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So, got an external drive, an oooooold WD Green, was formatted to exFAT, plugged it into my server to copy some stuff to it, all was well, other than Scanner picking up 2 pending sectors, copied data to it, unplugged it, plugged it into my PC, all ok, plugged it back into the server and now its showing as RAW...

Anyone got any decent tools for repairing RAW drives?



I've got an older drive that this one replaced, but was on NTFS, once the data was moved to the new exFAT drive the partition was Quick Formatted and then the partition deleted, if theres no joy repairing the FS on the exFAT drive then I might try a recovery on the older drive.. Obviously gonna back everything up to the server if/when I get it back lol...

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So back in the days of Windows Vista, it was quite common for the boot drive to disappear and end up as RAW. I had very good luck booting the system with Knoppix and being able to access the drive to get the data off it.

In other cases, I have had this procedure work:



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